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Visitors and staff celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion at SDH 

Equality is for Everyone 
Peter Hill talks to staff at the Equality is for Everyone event at Salisbury
District Hospital

Visitors and staff learnt more about the diversity that exists within Salisbury District Hospital as part of its 'Equality is for Everyone' event.

This year’s event enabled staff to celebrate the diversity in Salisbury and recognise the value placed on people from a range of cultures and backgrounds.

At Salisbury District Hospital there are over 400 members of staff who have a non-British nationality and around 9% of staff consider themselves to come from a black, minority or ethnic background (BME).

Information stands for staff and patients covered different cultural groups, religion, disability and Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender issues. There was also food tasting and arts and crafts, reflecting the inclusivity that exists within the hospital.

Peter Hill, Chief Executive said: “Our hospital reflects the diverse community that we have in Salisbury, which enriches our society and the hospital where we work. We believe that equality is about treating everyone as an individual, with the respect, consideration and understanding that is so essential to the health and wellbeing of our organisation. 'Equality is for Everyone' gave us an opportunity to highlight our support, provide information and celebrate the differences between people of all backgrounds and the way in which they enhance the care we provide here for our patients.”

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