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Women rate Salisbury District Hospital Maternity Services highly in national survey 

New mums have given a big thumbs up to the Salisbury District Hospital maternity service with quality of care, support and involvement in decisions rated highly in an independent Care Quality Commission  survey of NHS maternity units. 

The survey looked at women’s experiences of care provided by hospital and community staff from early pregnancy to four weeks after the birth.  

When compared with all 142 hospitals and 2 primary care trusts across the country, Salisbury District Hospital scored well and was in the best performing category in 13 of the 20 areas covered, with the rest in the intermediate range.  

Caroline Brunt, Head of Midwifery and Neonatal Services said: “Women’s views are really important to us and we are delighted to hear that they think we are offering a high quality, caring service at Salisbury District Hospital. The fact that so many women took the time to fill out the survey at such a busy period in their lives shows that they really want us to hear what they have to say. “ 

“Our results showed that women were pleased with all aspects of our care. In one area, providing active support and encouragement for feeding, the maternity department equalled the highest score across the country in this particular part of the survey.”

Mrs Brunt added: “For our staff, they were pleased to hear that confidence in them was high. The survey results are a credit to them and recognition for their high standards, hard work  and professionalism." 

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