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Women rate Salisbury Maternity Services highly in national survey 


New mothers at Salisbury District Hospital have rated the quality of care and level of support they received highly in an independent Care Quality Commission survey of NHS maternity units.

The survey looked at women’s experiences of care provided by hospital and community staff from early pregnancy to four weeks after the birth. When compared with all 133 providers of maternity services, Salisbury District Hospital scored well in many areas women were questioned about.

Fiona Coker, Head of Midwifery and Neonatal Services said: “Women’s views are very important to us and we are very pleased to hear that they think we are offering high quality care for them, their partners and babies.”

“Their views suggest that Salisbury is better than many other Trusts at treating women in labour and during the birth. The care that they give at home following the birth of their baby was also good, and women said they had confidence in our midwives, that midwives were conscious of the way mothers felt emotionally and that they listened to what women have to say.”

Mrs Coker added: “These results should give women and their partners confidence in our ability to meet their needs during the pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. Our staff work hard to provide the very best experience that they can and these results give them the recognition they deserve for their professionalism and the care they give to mothers and their family.”

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