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Creative input wanted on new Children's Centre 

ArtCare, the arts project at Salisbury District Hospital, is asking all children in the region to give a creative response to plans for a dedicated Children’s Centre at Salisbury District Hospital.



Children and their parents can take part in a survey through a colourful website page to give their views about how the new Centre can be designed and decorated.


Peter Ursem, General Manager for Artcare said: "Patient rooms, clinics, a play area, waiting rooms and corridors – they all need to support the best delivery of care for children, and also make a colourful, child and parent friendly hospital environment."


“The new Children Centre will be located within the existing hospital building, close to the main entrance. Talks have started with the architects and care teams to work out what will be the best layout within the allocated area. And of course the voices of the children must also be heard. If you had to spend a couple of hours or a couple of days in hospital, what would make you feel better at ease?“


Mr Ursem added: " The website survey can be found by going to the ArtCare website and following the link to Children Centre. The survey asks some easy questions and will only take a few minutes. In the next few months ArtCare will also want to work creatively with schools and children’s groups on what makes a desirable children's centre."


"If you are a school or organisation working with children and you would like to get involved, please contact artist in residence Penny Robbins on 01722 336262 extension 4517 or email "


The development of the new Children’s Centre is supported by the Stars Appeal ‘Caring 4 Kids’ campaign. For more information or to get involved please call 01722 429005 or go to


For further infomation please contact:

Peter Ursem, General Manager, Artcare, Salisbury District Hospital.  Tel: 01722 336262. Ext: 4306


Page Last Updated: 08/05/2014 10:05 
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