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Governors for East Dorset and Volunteers elected to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust 

Verwood resident Chris Archibold has been elected as the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Governor for the Trust’s East Dorset constituency, with Stella Sykes elected to the volunteer class in the staff constituency.





Mr Archibold joins others elected to the Council of Governors in May prior to the Trust’s authorisation by Monitor, the independent regulator, on 1 June 2006. The by-election for East Dorset was held to fill the one remaining position left vacated following the initial May elections. Stella Sykes was elected to replace the Volunteer Governor who stood down earlier in the year.

Luke March Chairman of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: " We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr Archibold and Mrs Sykes to the Council of Governors. Our elected governors provide an important link between our Foundation Trust members in their own local and staff communities, ensuring that we use the views comments and experiences of local people and staff to continue to improve services for our patients at Salisbury District Hospital."

Mr March added: " We have a thriving membership base with just under 10,000 local people, former patients and staff taking the opportunity to either become actively involved in the planning of services or enjoying the regular information that we provide which tells them about what we are doing to continually improve services for our patients."

There are a total of 27 elected and nominated Governors on the Council of Governors. Elected Governors form the majority with 14 reflecting the views of local people in seven public constituencies within the Trust’s emergency and general catchment area. These are Salisbury City, South Wiltshire Rural, North Dorset, Kennet, New Forest, East Dorset and West Wiltshire. There is one elected Governor for the Trust’s patient /carer constituency for patients from the Trust’s specialist services and six elected staff Governors. There are six appointed Governors from organisations that have direct links with the Trust. The full Council of Governors is as follows:

Elected Governors: Public Constituency - Salisbury City: John Carvell (three-year term of office), Chris Wain (three years) and Celeste Collins (two years). South Wiltshire Rural: Kate Beaumont (three years), Robert Coate (three years), Sara Willan (three years), Chris Horwood( two years) and Bill Rogers (two years). North Dorset: Mary Hutcherson (three years) and Paul Goldman (two years). New Forest: Gail McKechnie (three years). Kennet: Carolyn Davies (three years). West Wiltshire: Carole Noonan (three years). East Dorset: Chris Archibold (remainder of the initial three year period). Patient/ Carer Constituency: Michael Hutchins (three years). Staff Constituency: Medical and Dental: Jerry Wilde (three years). Nurses & Midwives: Philippa Potter (three years). Hotel & Property Services: Martin Lee (three years). Clerical, Administrative & Managerial: Laurie Granger (three years). Volunteers: Stella Sykes (remainder of the initial three year period).

Appointed Governors: Salisbury and District Council for Voluntary Service: Laurence Patterson. Wiltshire County Council: William Moss. Salisbury District Council: Patrick Paisey. Following the recent national reorganisation of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), Wiltshire PCT, Dorset PCT and Hampshire PCT will shortly be nominating Governors from these organisations to the Council of Governors.

Mr March said: "We know there is considerable interest from people in East Dorset, with a significant number of people choosing Salisbury for their care and treatment. This is not only reflected in the growing membership from this area, but also in the high turn out for this election."

Mr March added: There are real opportunities for people to become involved in their hospital. If you would like more information about membership, our catchment area or if you would simply like to register as a member please feel free to contact Isabel Cardoso on 01722 336262. Extension 4390. Isabel will be able to provide you with the information that you need." Ends.

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. Tel: 01722 425170



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