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Official opening of Salisbury District Hospital Cancer Unit 

The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery will be the guest of honour at the official opening of the new Salisbury District Hospital Pembroke Cancer Unit.

The opening will take place in front of staff and key fundraisers on Monday, December 5 at 5pm.

The £585,000 unit has been sensitively designed to cater for the needs of cancer patients, their relatives and friends and treats inpatients and day patients at different stages of their illness.

It has an outpatient area for assessment and follow up and a facility to treat patients who need specialist nursing care in a location separate from other patients.

The new unit will provide a seamless service between Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust's hospital cancer services based in this new unit in the main part of the hospital and the palliative care provided by the Salisbury Hospice Care Trust at the southern end of the site.

Luke March, Chairman of Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust, said: "Originally hospital cancer services were spread across several locations across the site. Now we have an excellent facility that provides one area where cancer patients can receive all aspects of their care and treatment in a sensitive setting in the comfort of family and friends."

The new unit was made possible thanks to a number of generous donations made by local people and community groups.

Luke March said: " So many people have shown their generosity and support for the unit that it would be impossible to name them all. However, we would like to acknowledge all their achievements and thank every one of them for all that they have done to help us create this marvellous new facility." Ends

Notes to editors:

There is an opportunity for photographers and reporters to attend the official opening on Monday, December 5, at 5pm in the Pembroke Cancer Unit at Salisbury District Hospital. If you would like to attend please contact Patrick Butler (Details below).

Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust is grateful for the support given by many individuals and organisations in the creation of this new unit and has given special thanks to:

  • Salisbury Hospice Care Trust
  • Wessex Cancer Trust
  • League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital
  • Rotary clubs of Wilton, Salisbury and Amesbury
  • 1 Mechanized Brigade Headquarters & Signal Squadron (215)

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust. Tel: 01722 425170

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