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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced that Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has successfully been registered without any compliance conditions attached.

All NHS organisations have to be registered with the healthcare regulator by 1 April 2010 in order to continue to provide regulated services to patients. As part of the process,  all Trust’s must show that  they are meeting new essential standards of quality and safety across all their services.

Compliance conditions are attached where the CQC feels that organisations need to address serious issues relating to the safety and quality of care.

Matthew Kershaw, Chief Executive of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: “It’s important that the local community can see that hospitals have good systems and processes in place to protect patients and maintain good standards of care and we have been registered with no compliance conditions attached. This is good news for our patients and shows that we have good quality and efficient systems in place to tackle the things that matter most to them – the provision of good quality, safe, timely, care.”

Mr Kershaw added: “We will continue to maintain that focus and, along with every other Trust in the country, the CQC  will continually monitor compliance with essential standards as part of its new dynamic system of regulation.” Ends

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. Tel: 01722 425170.

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