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More patients to benefit from additional psychological support 

Patients and families who may need additional psychological support during hospital care and treatment will now benefit from an expansion in the clinical psychology service at Salisbury District Hospital.



Up until now psychologists have provided support to burns, plastic surgery, spinal, rehabilitation and cancer care.  The service will now provide wider support to patients with a range of medical or surgical conditions,  neurological disorders and head injuries.


Kate Jenkins, Clinical Psychologist said: “Some patients and families experience significant psychological problems such as anxiety and depression following an accident or illness This is why additional psychological support has in the past been targeted to specific areas,  where there was a known need based on the link to the nature and cause of the condition or injury. However, we feel there is now a greater need, which is why we want to expand our coverage and provide more support  across a whole range of inpatient and outpatient services.”


Clinical psychology expertise at Salisbury District Hospital is well recognised across the region. The team recently provided training to over 300 frontline staff who come into contact with cancer patients in general hospitals across southern England. The training in communication skills and assessment of psychological needs was part of a three year project funded by Wessex Cancer Trust. Following the completion of the project early this year,  this expertise has been retained by Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to provide psychological support to a wider range of patients at Salisbury District Hospital.


Dr Jenkins said: “ Around 1,500 hospital patients a year may need some form of psychological support, using a number of methods such as one-to one counselling and individual and group therapy. Additional support can help people as they try to come to terms with long term or life limiting conditions and injuries. For others, it may help in their overall recovery.”


For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler

Public Relations Manager

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

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