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Advice for visitors to Salisbury District Hospital on sickness and diarrhoea 

As there has been a reported increase of sickness and diarrhoea in the local area the Trust is asking people not to visit Salisbury District Hospital if they have experienced diarrhoea or vomiting in the previous 72 hours.


Currently, two wards at Salisbury District Hospital are temporarily closed to new admissions after being affected by some cases of diarrhoea and sickness.

Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing said: " The virus that causes sickness and vomiting is easily transmitted from person to person and can affect people of all ages, which is why we ask people who have experienced sickness or vomiting in the last 72 hours not to visit the hospital."

"We would also ask that all visitors use the alcohol gels at the entrances to wards and units when they enter and leave these areas to minimise any potential risk, even if they have not experienced any symptoms."

"This is an important part of the Trust infection control measures and visitors should use the alcohol gels at all times when visiting. "

"If anyone is unsure about whether to visit, please feel free to contact the ward nurse before they come into hospital." Ends

If you would further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation. Tel: 01722 425170





Page Last Updated: 08/05/2014 10:05 
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