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Salisbury chosen to continue as one of only two national reference laboratories 

The Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory at Salisbury District Hospital has retained its status as one of only two national reference laboratories along with Manchester. The centre has been awarded a further £1.9M to continue its work for the next five years.


The Salisbury scientists, in conjunction with the University of Southampton, will continue to provide key information and expertise to the Department of Health as well as working closely with other NHS genetics laboratories throughout the country.

Known as National Genetics Reference Laboratories, the two centres in Salisbury and Manchester work together to promote the development of genetic laboratory science and practice in the NHS and act as a dedicated resource to support the NHS genetics communities in their development of better patient services.

Specific key areas of work to be undertaken at Salisbury include:

New technologies: assessment and validation of new genetic technologies to help ensure that NHS laboratories remain at the forefront of new developments and continue to implement the most appropriate testing platforms.

Reference Materials: to ensure that tests throughout the country have a high standard of quality control.

Specialist reference services: to increase the number of patients and families for whom a genetic diagnosis can be made.

Professor Nick Cross, Director of the Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory said: "This is excellent news and recognition for the groundbreaking research and outstanding diagnostic work we have been doing here in Salisbury over a number of years."

"We will carry on with our research and continue to share information with the genetics community in the UK with the aim of improving services for patients. This is particularly important in a field that is undergoing rapid change, driven by new discoveries and technological innovation."

He added: "The key to our success and the strengths that we have in this country is the collaborative approach we take to research and diagnostic testing and we are just one part of a national genetics network. Ends

Notes to editors:

The Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory is one of two National Genetics Reference Laboratories funded by the Department of Health. The other is the Department of Medical Genetics at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

For further information please contact:
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