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Hospital staff bring science to life for school students 

Salisbury District Hospital staff brought science to life for a group of sixth form students from Kingdown Community School in Warminster when they visited the Radiology Department and the Wessex Specialist Laser Centre.



The five students from Kingdown Community School see a demonstration by Salisbury District Hospital clinical scientist Dr Philip Wright on how port wine stain birthmarks can be reduced by using a laser on a red sheet of paper. From left to right: Kayleigh Aspinwall, Dr Philip Wright, Erin Wood, Sarah Miller, Jess Andrews and Faye Barnard.



A Level Applied Science students Erin Wood, Sarah Miller, Kayleigh Aspinwall, Jess Andrews and Faye Barnard are learning about how science is used in day-to-day life and saw a demonstration on how laser treatment is used to remove or reduce port wine stain birthmarks. These large red birthmarks can appear anywhere on the body, but are especially common on the face.


They also found out what radiologists look for when making a diagnosis using the Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI), Computerised Tomography (CT) and ultrasound scanners.


Bernard Garforth, Head of Applied Science at Warminster Community School said: “ This is the second visit to Salisbury District Hospital, and we know from last year’s experience of seeing the equipment and techniques at first hand how invaluable this can be. It makes it easier for our students to make the link between theory and practice and helps to ensure that learning is stimulating and enjoyable.”


Mr Garforth added: "We would like to thank the hospital for all their help. The enthusiasm and knowledge of staff really brought science to life for our students. “


Sue Whitehead Recruitment and Retention lead at Salisbury District Hospital said:  “This visit carries on from the work that we already do with local schools. We know how valuable it is for students to see different parts of the hospital and to learn about how things work as part of their studies. The Kingdown students were really enthusiastic and interested in the areas that they went to and it was a pleasure to welcome them to the hospital.”  ends


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