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Salisbury specialists host successful national laser conference 

Around 180 specialists in laser treatment heard about the latest technologies and pioneering treatments being used in this country at the British Medical Laser Association Conference held this year at Salisbury District Hospital.


Laser therapy has a significant role to play in medicine now and can be used in a whole range of treatments, from the removal of port wine birthmarks that can affect people’s appearance and have such a devastating impact on their lives, to more invasive surgical procedures where lasers are used to correct eye vision and break up internal kidney stones.

Philip Wright, Clinical Scientist in the Wessex Specialist Laser Treatment Centre at Salisbury District Hospital said: " It was a real honour to host the conference this year which is an acknowledgement for some of the leading edge work that we do here. The conference gave us the opportunity to share our work with some of the leading specialists and hear about some of the groundbreaking work that takes place in other parts of the country."

Lasers are increasingly used in medicine and the BMLA was set up to promote research and development of new treatments that use the latest technology and techniques. It also sets standards to ensure that specialists use best practice and provide a safe service that promotes collaboration and understanding between clinical specialists and scientists.

Dr Wright said: "This really was a successful conference and one that puts the Wessex Specialist Laser Centre in the forefront of laser treatment centres in this country." Ends

For further information please contact: Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. Tel: 01722 425170


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