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Learning disabilities video to help with hospital staff training 

The Salisbury District Hospital Learning Disability Group has produced a video of their own personal experiences that can be used for hospital staff training.

The Salisbury District Hospital Learning Disability Group 
The Salisbury District Hospital Learning Disability Group.

The aim of the video is to raise awareness and understanding of the particular problems faced by people with learning disabilities when they come into hospital.

It was made by the group during creative workshops as part of a joint project between the group and Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury District Council and South Wiltshire Mencap.

The video follows on from work already carried out to improve signage within the hospital and the recent introduction of new communication sheets – a physical aid to help improve communication between staff and people with learning disabilities.

Maggie Cherry, Head of PALS, said: "People with learning disabilities often have a range of complex needs and communication difficulties that require extra support or attention as they go about their day-to-day lives."

"There is much that we can all do to increase our awareness of these difficulties, especially as most issues that arise for people with learning disabilities are around listening to them and their carers."

"This is why we have been working closely with learning disability groups to find out how best we can improve their experience when they come into hospital for treatment and provide the right support and training for our own staff."

"The video was an excellent idea as it gave the group a real opportunity to express themselves, it reinforced the work we have already been doing with learning disability groups and highlighted some of the areas we can look at with our own staff," Mrs Cherry said. Ends

From L to R. Standing Back: Robert Walker, Michael Dilnot, Andrew Strange, Chris Dimmer and Caroline Loveless. Standing Middle: Tim Finn, Jim Patton. Seated: Nicky Grant and Terry Ford.

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Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury Health

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