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Women rate Salisbury District Hospital Maternity Services highly in national survey 

New mums have given a big thumbs up to the Salisbury District Hospital maternity service with quality of care, respect and dignity rated highly in an independent Healthcare Commission survey of NHS maternity units.



The survey looked at women's experiences of care provided by hospital and community staff from early pregnancy to four weeks after the birth.


In Salisbury, the proportion of women surveyed who said their care was Excellent, Very Good or Good was 94% during pregnancy, 93% during labour and birth, and 85% after the birth – all higher than the national average.


Caroline Brunt, Head of Midwifery and Neonatal Care said: "The views of the women we care for are really important to us and we are delighted to hear that they think we are offering a high quality, caring service. The fact that so many women took the time to fill out the survey within a few weeks after their birth shows that they really want us to hear what they have to say. "


"Our results showed that women felt that they were treated with respect and dignity, as well as kindness and understanding. Choice was a key factor with nearly all women saying that they could choose to have the baby at home, unless their were medical reasons for not doing so. Women felt involved in decisions about their care."


"During labour and birth we encourage partners to be present wherever this is possible and 98% of partners were present when they wanted to be. Where they were not, this would have been for medical reasons. The staff were pleased to hear that confidence in them was high."                                                   


The survey results will contribute to the Annual Health Check, which will be published by the Healthcare Commission in 2008. They will also be used to provide evidence for the national review of maternity services.  Locally, the results are used to help the Trust identify areas where it performs well and areas where it could improve women's experiences of care.


Mrs Brunt said: " Woman told us what they would like us to do differently and where services could be improved. This is important because it gives us the information that we need to develop and shape the service we provide in the future."


"In response to their comments we have already improved facilities for partners. We have included reclining chairs which enable partners to be comfortable when they are in hospital with the women during pregnancy and labour.  Another example has been greater access to advice and information on infant feeding."


Mrs Brunt added: " Women have given us very positive feedback based on their own personal experiences, the survey results are a credit to our staff and recognition of their high standards and professionalism."  Ends


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