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Bikers rally to the Stars Appeal cause 

Bikers from the Moonrakers Motorcycle Club in Devizes rallied to the cause when they handed over a cheque for £250 to staff at the Salisbury District Hospital Burns Unit.



Each year the club hold a fundraising rally for a particular charity. This year, under the umbrella of the Stars Appeal, they chose the Burns Unit as a thank you to staff who had cared for one of their club members.


The Stars Appeal is an ongoing appeal with individual campaigns raising funds for state-of-the-art equipment and new facilities. Although the first two are raising money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a dedicated Keyhole Cancer Theatre, local people can continue to raise money for their chosen ward, unit or department as part of the ongoing appeal.


Dave Cates, Director of Fundraising at Salisbury District Hospital said: " We are very grateful to the group for their support and generosity. Although the appeal is initially focusing on two main campaign areas, it's important that local people still have the opportunity to support other hospital services or express their thanks for the care they have received from staff in all areas." Ends


For further information about the Stars Appeal please contact: Dave Cates,Director of Fundraising, The Stars Appeal, Salisbury District Hospital, 01722 429005.


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