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Health and therapy support staff celebrate 10 years NVQ training at Salisbury District Hospital 

As part of its commitment to continuing education and training, staff will celebrate 10 years of national vocational qualification (NVQ) training for health and therapy support workers at Salisbury District Hospital on Monday, November 20.


The celebration will take place as part of the Trust’s annual NVQ awards in health and social care, with over 55 health and therapy support workers receiving certificates from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Chairman Luke March.

The Trust started using national vocational qualifications in 1996 for nursing auxiliaries as a way of improving job related skills, increasing ward based support and encouraging greater opportunities for career development.

Developments in government health and social care policy also placed an emphasis on workforce development, multi-professional working and the development of new health care roles.

Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing said: "In the early days, nursing auxiliaries were the main beneficiaries within the hospital, as NVQs in health and social care provided flexibility, practical training and theoretical education that conformed to recognised national standards."

"Over time our auxiliaries became better trained and took on new responsibilities and, in recognition of this, they became health care support workers with structured career pathways and opportunities to develop at their own pace and ability."

"Health care support workers now provide comprehensive support for doctors, nurses, therapists and other health care professionals, so that staff in specialist areas are free to carry out the highly skilled work they are trained to do."

Since NVQs started in Salisbury, over 700 health and therapy support workers have benefited. NVQs have continued to expand and provide job-related qualifications for staff who wanted to increase their skills with vocational training in other areas. This included operating department orderlies who support staff in the operating theatres and medical photographers.

Housekeeping staff, porters and catering also now use NVQs along with other dedicated training initiatives run by the facilities department, with an awards structure and ceremony to reflect the valuable contribution they make to the Trust and the overall care provided by hospital staff.

Ms Nutter said: We would like to congratulate everyone involved in health and therapy NVQ training, from the trainers themselves to the staff who have received their awards over the years. Their commitment, professionalism and success is reflected in the Trust’s A grade status for NVQ delivery and training. This is the highest level of attainment, and the Trust has successfully achieved this over the last four years." Ends

Notes to editors:

Photo Opportunity

The media are invited to attend the awards ceremony and celebration on Monday, 20 November in the Lecture Theatre, Level 5, Salisbury District Hospital. Photographs should be taken at around 7.15pm. If you would like to attend please contact Patrick Butler (details below).

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. SP2 8BJ Tel: 01722 425170





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