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First NHS company in England 

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has launched Odstock Medical Limited - the first NHS owned limited company in England to market a service worldwide.



This is so that income generated from its Functional Electrical Stimluation (FES) service can be used to further research in this clinical area and create new developments that will help NHS patients in this country.


Based at Salisbury District Hospital, Odstock Medical Limited will increase the availability of its Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) treatments and devices throughout the UK and other countries.


Devices and treatments will continue to be available for NHS patients as before, with the opportunity to expand their use bringing more money back in to benefit NHS patients.


Jon Lewis, Chief Executive of Odstock Medical Limited, said: “ Unlike traditional routes, where NHS inventions have been licensed to other commercial companies bringing in small returns, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has taken the unusual route of creating their own company to support the success of their Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) products and their associated treatments. This has attracted considerable interest from overseas, including Europe and the United States. “


“The revolutionary Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) systems are designed and manufactured by the company, enabling people suffering from “dropped foot” brought about by Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy to electronically regain the use of their lower limbs without the use of the usual external leg brace or orthosis currently fitted to patients.”


The teams that provide the clinical service will all remain NHS staff working to NHS terms and conditions, but will be seconded to the company with the continuing commitment to provide the same high level of patient care.


Mr Lewis said: ” OML will retain the core management it has already ensuring that the philosophy of the company remains dedicated to putting patient care at the forefront. The business will be led by a CEO from the commercial sector bringing both strategic direction and focus to the company.


Mr Lewis added: “OML has already brought in  welcome additional income to the NHS Trust outside more conventional funding routes. This new and innovative way of supplying both treatment to patients in the UK and products to healthcare establishments throughout the world will mean that NHS patients, staff and the Trust will  benefit from the growth through the commercial sector.”  ends


Notes for editors


OML (Odstock Medical Limited) employs clinical scientists and physiotherapists both full time and part time via secondment from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust’s.


The company is about to embark on their expansion plans in the UK and are also in talks with a number of distributors worldwide to exploit the technology.


For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. SP2 8BJ. Tel: 01722 425170         





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