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League of Friends officially open new respiratory facilities at Salisbury District Hospital 

Salisbury League of Friends has opened the new respiratory facilities at Salisbury District Hospital. The official opening follows the recent move of the Salisbury District Hospital Respiratory Service to this single location on the site.


Staff and members of the Salisbury League of Friends at the official opening of the new respiratory facilities at Salisbury District Hospital.

This initiative means that patients with respiratory conditions who need to see a specialist nurse for therapy now benefit from improved facilities and access to therapy. The service is now close to the hospital's main wards and key medical services in a newly refurbished area. It has its own dedicated clinic rooms and rehabilitation exercise rooms.  Previously, patients with respiratory problems who needed therapy or rehabilitation would have been seen in general outpatient or exercise areas in a number of other parts of the hospital.


Catherine Thompson, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine said: " It's fitting that the League of Friends should officially open the new facility. Their  £2,500  donation for the artwork has made this a welcoming and appealing environment for the patients that we care for, and the Respiratory Team would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support."


George Todd, Chairman of Salisbury League of Friends said: "We are delighted to have played such an important part in making this such a wonderful facility both for patients and staff."


Staff at Salisbury District Hospital provide a whole range of services for people with chronic lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema and lung cancer and we will see around 170 people a month.  Ends


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