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Patients benefit from improvements to Medical and Surgical Outpatient area 

People with general medical and surgical outpatient appointments can now benefit from better facilities and improved service at Salisbury District Hospital thanks to a £20,000 redesign and refurbishment of the medical and surgical outpatient area.

The redesign includes an improved layout with distinct booking in and booking out arrangements at the reception area to ease congestion. It provides a bright, more spacious and clutter-free environment with comfortable seating and easier access for wheelchair users.

The improvements also include a new £2,500 plasma screen bought by the League of Friends that gives patients general information about their clinic and keeps them up-to-date on how the clinic is running.

Peter Hill Director of Operations said: "The improvements are a direct result of suggestions and comments made by patients and staff about the outpatient area as part of a patient and public involvement exercise that we carried out in the summer."

"Over 700 people a week now go through our medical and surgical outpatient area which, before the improvements, had become crowded, less efficient and fairly uncomfortable for our patients."

"The changes now mean that patients wait to see our clinical staff in a brighter and more comfortable environment with facilities to keep them informed about the clinic that they are attending. This has resulted in positive feedback from both our patients and staff."

Notes to editors:

Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust Chairman Luke March will officially open the Medical and Surgical Outpatient area on Friday, February 3 at 12.15pm. If reporters and photographers would like to attend please contact Patrick Butler (details below).

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust. Tel: 01722 425170

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