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Extra play opportunities for children in hospital to help with their recovery 

Children who come into Salisbury District Hospital for treatment or assessment can now benefit from more play opportunities thanks to the introduction of a new play service.



Specialists already provide play opportunities on the children’s ward. The new service will enable them to go out to other parts of the hospital where children are receiving specialist or emergency care.


Ian Harvey, Directorate Senior Nurse for Ambulatory Care said: “Coming into hospital can sometimes be an anxious time  for children and this can provide extra worry and concern  for parents and loved ones. We can now provide a range of creative and social activities for children that can relieve stress, help develop coping strategies and provide a distraction from treatment and procedures. For children that need more long term care in hospital, play can also relieve boredom and ensure that a hospital stay does not hinder their normal development.”


Mr Harvey added: “The majority of children who need hospital care and treatment, do so on our children’s ward. However,  there are other areas such as the Burns Unit which has a dedicated children’s area. There are also a number of outpatient areas, day surgery and also our accident and emergency department,  where children could benefit from play that is led by a specialist from the children’s ward.  The play specialist will assess a child’s play needs and provide this in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team of doctors nurses and therapists.” Ends


If you would further information please contact:

Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust. Tel: 01722 425170

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