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New support group for people with psoriasis 

Salisbury District Hospital staff, patients and carers have started a local support group aimed at providing additional help and advice for people with psoriasis.


John Elphinstone receives treatment from Clinical Nurse Specialist Diane Crook in the Dermatology Treatment Centre at Salisbury District Hospital.

Psoriasis is a recurrent skin condition that affects around 2% of the population. It can cause irritable and painful red patches on any part of the body, leading to long term discomfort, poor self-image and psychological distress.


It can affect people at any age and can be triggered by infection, medication or physical and emotional stress.


John Elphinstone, support group leader who has psoriasis himself said: "Salisbury District Hospital has a well equipped and forward thinking Dermatology Treatment Centre and, after GP referral, patients can enjoy a wide variety of specialist treatments and staff support which can be very effective in providing relief from the condition."


"However, psoriasis is normally a lifelong condition which can have a great impact not only on the patient, but also family and friends. Some people, wrongly, think that people with psoriasis are dirty or infectious. Body image is also a problem. Because of this people with psoriasis often go to great lengths to hide the condition, which in some cases, can lead to social isolation and psychological problems."


"A regular support group could give new and existing patients the opportunity to share experiences and help each other – boosting confidence and providing first-hand advice. The group could also give the public a better understanding of psoriasis in terms of the patient's feelings and the fact that it is a condition that is not infectious."


If anyone would like more information about the support group they can contact Diane Crook at Salisbury District Hospital on 01722 336262. Extension 4056.  End


For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler, Public Relations Manager, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, SP2 8BJ. Tel: 01722 425170



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