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League of Friends donate £3,000 to help refurbish relatives room 

Relatives of patients in intensive care at Salisbury District Hospital can now benefit from a more sensitive environment away from the ward,  thanks to a £3,000 donation from the Salisbury League of Friends for the  refurbishment of relatives rooms.




From Left to Right:  John Rigiani (Trustee of Salisbury League of Friends), George Todd (Chairman of Salisbury League of Friends),  Maria Ford (Nurse Consultant in Critical Care),  Tim Bennett (Charge Nurse in Intensive Care) , Philippa Swayne (Consultant Anaesthetist in Intensive Care) and Michele Mann (Anaesthetic Department Administrator).


The money has been used to provide more comfortable furniture, new carpets and curtains, and a recliner chair for relatives that  need to rest.


Philippa Swayne, Consultant Anaesthetist in Intensive Care said: “Relatives of patients who are in intensive care are often under considerable stress and will need to spend long periods at the bedside. It’s essential that they have a quiet  and relaxing area away from the clinical setting of the Intensive Therapy Unit  where they can relax and gather their thoughts. It’s also important  that we have an informal area where we can talk sensitively to them about the care of their loved ones. “


Dr Swayne added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the League of Friends for their support , and the generous donation which has enabled us to refurbish the relatives rooms.” Ends


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