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Staff rewarded for service improvement at Salisbury District Hospital 

Speech and Language Therapist Ginette Phippen has won a service improvement award for the innovative support and quality of care given to children needing cleft lip and palate surgery at Salisbury District Hospital.


Service Improvement Individual award winner Ginette Phippen with Chief Executive Matthew Kershaw.

The Vascular and Diabetes Unit Team at Salisbury District Hospital who won the Trust Sponsored Service Improvement Award. From left to right: Charlotte Draper (Leg Ulcer Specialist Nurse), Saboor Ghauri (Consultant Vascular Surgeon), Robin Cooper (Leg Ulcer Specialist Nurse), Charles Ranaboldo ( Consultant Vascular Surgeon), Joanne Lee (Senior Sonographer and Linda Harris (Vascular Manager).

The team award went to the vascular and diabetes department for their work in developing an electronic link with the Fordingbridge GP practice to provide specialist advice and support on leg ulcer management.


Ginette Phippen helped nine-year-old Ross Giessler create his own video diary to help him come to terms with the surgery he was facing. Ross, who was born with a cleft lip and palate and had also had treatment for cancer,  had had five operations since he was a baby and was offered another operation to help improve his speech. Ginette worked closely with Ross and his parents to understand Ross's needs, and together produced the video diary, which acted as a distraction and helped Ross through his successful operation.


Ginette Phippen said: "Ross is a clever and articulate little boy and although he had already had a number of operations, he really didn't want to go through another, even though it would have a real impact on his speech, his education and the quality of his life. It's so important that we listen to children and involve them in their care and treatment, and the video diary is something that we both decided was a good idea. The video diary has been so successful that it's now being used to share experiences with other children and parents and is an idea that can be used for other families."


Patients and staff at the GP practice in Fordingbridge have benefited from the introduction of a telemedicine link to leg ulcer specialists at Salisbury District Hospital. The system enables the specialists to view photographs, give advice and create treatment graphs, which can be viewed in the practice by doctors and patients. This has reduced avoidable visits to hospital and follow ups to secondary care,  improved the healing time and enabled a  better sharing of patient records, photographs and healing graphs.


Robin Cooper, specialist nurse in the Vascular and Diabetes Unit at Salisbury District Hospital said: " The telemedicine link really shows the benefit of GP practices and the hospital working together to find new ways of doing things. This has resulted in real improvements for patients and staff as monitoring can take place closer to their homes. With the development of healing graphs, patients now feel more involved in their treatment and can chart their own progress."


The awards were presented to staff by Chief Executive Matthew Kershaw at a special ceremony at Salisbury District Hospital. Ends


Notes to editors:


These awards are part of the Trust's Striving for Excellent Awards which recognise the outstanding contribution staff have made to service improvement and customer care at Salisbury District Hospital in 2008.


Individual and Team Award:


This award is given to staff who have identified an area for improvement in their own area and instigated the project themselves. Candidates had to demonstrate that there had been improvement to services and systems and effective learning from their work and that they had  implemented best practice.


Winner: Speech and Language Therapy – Palate Surgery, My Video Diary.  Runner Up:  Pembroke Suite – Electronic Booking System. Third Place: General Surgery – Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Breast Care Patients.


Other Shortlisted Candidates:  Medicine for Older People and Stroke Team – Stroke Competencies, Downton Ward – Improving the Patient Experience following Pain Assessment, Palliative Care – Liverpool Care Pathway Care for the Dying Patient.


Sponsored Project Award:


This award is for a sponsored Trust project taken forward by staff in their areas. Candidates had to demonstrate that there had been improvement to services and systems and effective learning from their work and that they had  implemented best practice.


Winner: Vascular and Diabetes – Leg Ulcer Mangement


Other Shortlisted Candidates: Pharmacy  - Express Medicines for Discharge Service, Foundation Programme – Improving Death Certification


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