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Local people are shining stars in hospital fundraising appeal 

Supporters of the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal are now the ‘Shining Stars’ in a striking new display in Main Reception.



SIGN-A-RAMA star shines brightly. Paul Burrough, Managing Director, of SIGN-A-RAMA in Main Reception at Salisbury District Hospital.


The display was donated by SIGN-A-RAMA and features a star-studded night sky, with each star carrying a name of a person or organisation that has supported the Stars Appeal.


A separate display that acknowledges the support of the Salisbury Journal has also gone up in main reception carrying recent stories, articles and photos about the appeal.


The displays follow the completion of the first two goals under the Stars Appeal, the Little Lives Campaign and the Keyhole Cancer Theatre Campaign.


Hannah Paye, Fundraising Co-ordinator said: “This display is another way of us saying thank you for all the help people have given us since the start of the Stars Appeal. Although the display will give local people and businesses recognition for their enormous support in the first two campaign goals under the Stars Appeal, we also want to include the names of people and organisations that have supported a number of other projects that come under the umbrella of the Stars Appeal. “


“We also want to recognise the support we are receiving from our main sponsor, the Salisbury Journal, which is why we decided to have a separate display. This acknowledges their help and highlights the efforts of so many people in words and pictures.”


Miss Paye added:  “Although we have completed our first two campaign goals, we are continuing to raise money for all wards and departments under the umbrella of the Stars Appeal. The next major campaign under the Stars Appeal is  the Caring 4 Kids Campaign. This will be launched shortly and will help fund a state-of-the-art children’s unit benefiting over 6,000 local children every year.”


For more information on the display or more information about the Stars Appeal generally, please contact Hannah on 01722 429005. Ends


For further information please contact:
Hannah Paye, Fundraising Co-ordinator, The Stars Appeal, Salisbury District Hospital. Tel: 01722 429005.












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