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Patient information 

Leaflets and other booklets and newsletters

Patient information

The Trust has over 750 leaflets that provide you with a range of information about conditions, operations and procedures. Please remember that these leaflets are written by local health professionals and based on evidence and best practice. They are therefore a good source of information Patient Information leaflets can be found here

Annual Report and Annual Review

The Annual Report is a statutory document, which covers the business of the Trust for the financial year that runs from the 1 April to 31 March and includes summary details of the audited accounts. This document is sent to a number of external organisations and agencies and is also made available to the public.

The Annual Review is a newspaper that covers Trust news stories and events that have taken place throughout the financial year, together with some information on the Trust's financial and service performance. The Annual Review is delivered directly to 160,000 households in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire.

In Touch

This is a newsletter for general practitioners (GPs). It gives GP practices important information about health education events and courses taking place at Salisbury District Hospital, along with referral advice and medical news from the Trust.

Coming Into Hospital

This gives people coming into Salisbury District Hospital for inpatient treatment, information on what arrangements they may need to make before coming in; our admission procedures and what we do to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It also provides you with information about our facilities and where to go for advice or support if you have a problem while you are with us.

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