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Our priorities and our progress 

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust’s Five Year Strategy 2018-22

In 2018, the Trust produced a strategy setting out how the Trust will adapt to changes in the NHS and ensure that we continue to be a thriving and independent Foundation Trust within the context of increasing demand.

An Outstanding experience for every patient

The key principles of the strategy are

  • Local Services - We will meet the needs of the local population by developing new and improved ways of working which always put the patient at the centre of all that we do
  • Specialist Services - We will provide innovative, high quality specialist care delivering outstanding outcomes for a wider population
  • Innovation - We will promote new and better ways of working, always looking to achieve excellence and sustainability in how our services are delivered making a positive contribution to the financial position of the Trust
  • Care - We will treat our patients, and their families, with care, kindness and compassion and keep them safe from avoidable harm
  • People - We will make SFT an outstanding place to work where everyone feels valued, supported and engaged and are able to develop as individuals and as teams
  • Resource - We will make best use of our resources to achieve a financially sustainable future, securing the best outcomes within the available resources

Strategy - full document

Annual Operational Plan

Each year in May the Trust has to produce a Strategic Plan for NHS Improvement, setting out its key objectives and priorities for the coming year. This document is different from the Trust’s own strategy and contains a brief overview highlighting the achievements and challenges of the previous year and the Trust's plans and financial forecasts for the next two years setting out how the strategic direction will be taken forward.

Operational Plan 2017 - 2019

The Strategic Plan – 2006

The Trust originally produced a Service Development Strategy (SDS) as part of its application to become a Foundation Trust which sets out the Trust's key strategic objectives and its plan for how it would develop over a five year period. The main aims were:

  • To be the hospital of choice for local people for acute hospital services
  • To be the hospital of choice for a wider population under Choice and PBR
  • To deliver high quality tertiary services
  • To be an exemplary employer who is known for the development of staff
  • To contribute to the growth and development of the local community

Performance and Targets

The Trust's non-financial performance is assessed and monitored in the following areas:

Compliance Framework

Monitor reviews the Trust's performance quarterly against a number of key performance measures. These include: waiting times in A&E, waiting times for patients with cancer, waiting times from GP referral to treatment, and rates of hospital acquired infections.

The Trust Board also receives an update on the Trust's performance four times a year during public meetings. Trust Board meetings are held in public once every two months.

Details of Trust Board meetings, agendas and papers.

Care Quality Commission

The Trust is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC assesses the Trust’s compliance against a number of key essential standards. Current status.

Previous Annual Declarations

Until 2010, the Care Quality Commission gave an assessment of health organisations against a range of different performance indicators (some 25 indicators in all, including those reviewed under the compliance framework). On the basis of these indicators, the former Healthcare Commission award a rating of poor, fair, good or excellent for a Trust's performance in providing good quality care and using its resources effectively. In October 2008 Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust was assessed as being good for quality of care and excellent for use of resources, putting it in the top 24% of organisations at the time.

All NHS Hospital Trusts were required to make an annual declaration to the Care Quality Commission stating their compliance with the Standards for Better Health.

Latest declaration 2009/10
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust's declaration 2008/09
Standards for Better Health, 2007/08 Annual declaration to Healthcare Commission
Standards for Better Health, 2006/07 Annual declaration to Healthcare Commission

Clinical Governance

Each year the Trust has to publish a Quality Account. These set out our priority areas for the coming year and our performance against a range of quality indicators. This is a legal requirement and Quality Accounts are audited in much the same way as financial accounts to ensure that hospitals have effective systems in place to assure the quality of care, and that patients have access to a greater range of information that can help them judge the standard of their local hospital. Trust Quality Account.

Service User Surveys

All hospitals have to carry out national patient surveys. For each survey, a random sample of people who have used hospital services are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire to gauge their experience of hospital care. The results are published on the CQC website. The Trust develops actions plans to address weaknesses and areas for improvement. These are reviewed at Trust Board level.

In addition, all hospitals now ask patients whether they would recommend the hospital as part of the national Friends & Family test.

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