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Hospitality and Gifts Register

Information available on request to Head of Corporate Governance

Declarations required by General condition 6 and Continuity of Service condition 7 of the NHS provider licence

Licence Condition G6 Declaration May 2019

Information Asset Register

The Information Asset Register (IAR) is a database that will provide, amongst other things, details of the types of records held by the Trust, their location and retention periods and the departments that have ownership.

The IAR is as yet incomplete, but an exercise is presently underway to populate it with data.

As a consequence, there is currently no link to this database, but we will endeavour to supply IAR information upon receiving a written request.

Code of Governance public statements

The Trust is required by Monitor to make certain information available to the public through the website

Provision Information required on website Further Information
A.1.3 The board of directors should make available a statement of the objectives of the NHS foundation trust showing how it intends to balance the interests of patients, the local community and other stakeholders, and use this as the basis for its decision-making and forward planning. Our priorities and our progress
B.1.4 A description of each director’s expertise and experience, with a clear statement about the board of director’s balance, completeness and appropriateness. The Trust Board

Code of Governance section B.1.4
B.2.10 The main role and responsibilities of the nominations committee should be set out in publicly available, written terms of reference. Terms of reference for Nomination Committee
B.3.2 The terms and conditions of appointment of non-executive directors. Appointment Letter
C.3.3 The main role and responsibilities of the audit committee should be set out in publicly available, written terms of reference. Terms of reference for the Audit Committee
D.2.1 The remuneration committee should make available its terms of reference, explaining its role and the authority delegated to it by the board of directors. Where remuneration consultants are appointed, a statement should be made available as to whether they have any other connection with the NHS foundation trust. Terms of reference for the Remuneration Committee
E.1.1 The board of directors should make available a public document that sets out its policy on the involvement of members, patients and the local community at large, including a description of the kind of issues it will consult on Code of Governance section E.1.1
E.1.4 Contact procedures for members who wish to communicate with governors and/or directors should be made clearly available to members on the NHS foundation trust's website. Constituencies and Governors

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