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Partner Organisations 

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

The CCGs were established in 2012 ready to take over the responsibility for the planning and purchasing of health services from 1 April 2013. The groups likely to commission the majority of our services are Wiltshire, Dorset and West Hampshire CCGs. Please visit their websites for further information.

Wiltshire CCG
West Hampshire CCG
Dorset CCG

Ambulance Providers

South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (or SCAS for short) is part of the National Health Service (NHS). We were established on the 1 July 2006 following the merger of four ambulance trusts in the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.This area covers approximately 3,554 sq miles with a residential population of over four million (please see map). On 1 March 2012, we became a foundation trust. Our emergency operations centres handle around 500,000 emergency and urgent calls each year.

More details about the Hampshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust can be found at

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust provides emergency and urgent care, patient transport services and out of hours services across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and the former Avon.

The trust employs more than 4,000 staff across 120 operational sites including 96 ambulance stations and six air bases. We also serve a resident population of more than 5.3 million people.

The new Trust is responsible for delivering an increasing range of health services, including Accident and Emergency and Patient Transport Services to over two million people in an area covering nearly 3,000 square miles.

More details about South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust can be found at

Mental Health

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

In 2001 the delivery of Mental Health Services in South Wiltshire moved from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) but close partnership working continues.

The Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust now provide separate services within the South Wiltshire Health Community but are sharing increased approaches across this health community in relation to areas such as financial planning and performance management. AWP purchases a number of services from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust through service level agreements.

AWP also provides some clinical support to Salisbury District Hospital including an Older Adult Psychiatric Liaison Team and input from Crisis Team and medical staff to Deliberate Self Harm episodes in accident and emergency. Further joint work is currently being progressed regarding delayed transfers of care and review of liaison support.

More details about the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust can be found at

Training Partners

Foundation Doctors and Specialist Trainees

Our trainee doctors generally come to us from either Southampton University (Medical School) and Kings College, London University (Guy's King's & St Thomas' Medical School).

The education of all our training grade doctors (pre-registration house officers, senior house officers and specialist registrars) is overseen by the Wessex Deanery, which is based in Winchester.

Nurse and Midwifery Education

The Institute of Health and Community Studies (IHCS), one of the seven academic schools of Bournemouth University, was established in 1992 with the transfer of Nurse and Midwifery education into Bournemouth University. The Institute has three Academic Groups: Nursing, Midwifery and Social and Community Studies. It also houses the centre for General Practice training.

IHCS is the focus for academic activity in relation to a wide range of issues which arise out of the provision of statutory and non statutory health and community services in Dorset, South Wiltshire and the South West Region. IHCS also has wider responsibilities for Midwifery education, which it provides across Wessex, in North and Mid-Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

IHCS provides a wide range of programmes for those seeking:

  • An academic qualification plus registration as a Nurse, Midwife or Social Worker
  • An academic qualification plus a post-qualification award with a professional body
  • Degree programmes without a professional award
  • Masters programmes

Research programmes In order to deliver these academic programmes, and support practice development and research initiatives, IHCS works in close collaboration with the NHS and other partners. Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is a significant partner in the delivery of pre and post registration programmes for nurses and midwives in South Wiltshire. To support this collaboration, the University and the Trust have together developed a network of practice educators responsible for ensuring the quality of placement experience, and ongoing support for students and supervisors, and have developed close working relationships to support education, research and practice development within the Trust.

For more details of the range of activities within IHCS, together with details of courses and contact details please visit our website

Links to Universities

We have long established links to two local Universities. These are the University of Portsmouth and the University of the West of England at Bristol. Both of these universities have a long track record in provision and development of courses in Biomedical Science.

University of Portsmouth

This institution is a primary partner for undergraduate education of Trainee Biomedical Scientists. We employ Trainee Biomedical Scientists and they are registered on the four-year, part-time course, in Applied Biomedical Science (BSc Honours). There is an active liaison mechanism between employers and the University. A future likely development is the introduction of Co-terminus State Registration with the degree course and this will probably lead to even stronger links due to the need for work placements as an integral part of the course.

University of West of England at Bristol

Although UWE does offer excellent undergraduate courses we tend to only use its post graduate MSc courses. The key reason for our declining use of this University is due mainly to the slightly further distance from Salisbury and no reflection on the quality of the courses offered.

Allied Health Professions and Clinical Scientists

Individual professions within the Allied Health Professions and Clinical Scientists groups have links with a number of education providers in the South of the Country.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health and Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton provides the closest link for a small number of those professions.

Local Authorities

Wiltshire County Council

Wiltshire County Council serves a population of approximately 435,000. It delivers a wide range of services including Education, Libraries, Social Services and Environmental Services including Highways.

Wiltshire County Council, Department of Adult and Community Services (DACS) provides for the social care needs of older and disabled people. These services aim to:

  • Promote independence and social inclusion
  • Prevent inappropriate residential or hospital care
  • Protect vulnerable adults
  • Ensure choice and dignity
  • Ensure that services are provided equitably

Wiltshire Primary Care Trust and the Department of Adult and Community Services aim to ensure that social care is delivered jointly alongside health care, thus providing a 'seamless service' for those who need it, particularly aimed at preventing admission to hospital or ensuring an earlier discharge from hospital.

There is a single, integrated, management structure for the PCT and DACS in South Wiltshire. This means that services such as assessment and care management, purchase of residential, nursing, domicilary and day care services are managed jointly with more traditional NHS services such as inpatient and out patient services.

The Council works in partnership with other organisations to improve the quality of the lives of people living and working in Wiltshire.

Under the Constitution of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Wiltshire County Council is able to nominate a Governor to serve on the Hospital's Council of Governors.

More details can be found at the Wiltshire County Council website

Hampshire County Council

HCC works with Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to plan Secure and provide Health and Social Care Services to the local population.

More details can be found at the Hampshire County Council website

New Forest District Council

The Council has representation on the Board and the Executive Committee of the Hampshire Primary Care Trust and as such, has an overview of relevant actions that your Trust may take.

The Council, through its community planning role, has a view over many different aspects of life in the New Forest, one of which is health and as such, there may be occasion for us to contact you with reference to any services you may be providing locally.

In terms of planning matters, there would of course, be a formal relationship between us, should your Trust wish to carry out any development within the New Forest.

There are a wide variety of Services that the Council provides, eg: Housing, Leisure, Environmental Health etc, through which we may come into contact with yourselves.

We have bi-annual NHS Partners Liaison meetings at which Salisbury Trust are represented.

More information about New Forest District Council can be found at:


Wiltshire Constabulary, Divisional Headquarters, Wilton Road, Salisbury

The Wiltshire Constabulary has established partnerships with a wide range of statutory and voluntary agencies within the county. The partnerships work together to develop local strategies using the combined skills of member agencies to reduce crime and disorder and to improve the quality of life for the people of Wiltshire.

At a local level there is an established relationship between Salisbury District Hospital (and related services) and the Salisbury Police Division, which provides operational policing cover for the area.

Further details about Wiltshire Constabulary can be found at:

Voluntary and Charitable Bodies

Salisbury District Hospital's Charity – The Stars Appeal

About the Stars Appeal

The Stars Appeal is Salisbury District Hospital’s charity. We raise money to create the best possible experience for patients and their families by funding extra care and equipment over and above that provided by the NHS. You can direct your support specifically towards any ward, department or fund and we will ensure that your wishes are respected and that your donation is used to help patients in that area.

Thanks to the generous support of the local community, the Appeal has already funded many projects, large and small, throughout the hospital. However, we need your help to continue to make a difference - please support us today!

You can find out more about the Stars Appeal by visiting the Appeal’s dedicated website here:

You can also talk to Gemma Heath or Dave Cates in the Stars Appeal Office by telephone 01722 429005 or contact them by email

Supporting Our Appeal

Further information:

To find out more or if you have any questions about fundraising or hospital related charitable causes please contact Gemma Heath or Dave Cates in the Stars Appeal Office by telephone 01722 429005 or email

The Stars Appeal,
Salisbury District Hospital,
SP2 8BJ.

The Stars Appeal is a registered charity no. 1052284.

Visit our website -

Other Hospital Related Charities

League of Friends

Since its foundation in 1954, the League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital has raised and given over £1,000,000 to provide extra care and help to patients and relatives in the Salisbury Health District by funding facilities and equipment not available through NHS funding.Two bungalows, adjacent to Entrance B, were built in 1979 and 1994 and provide 12 en-suite rooms for patients’ relatives who need accommodation whilst their loved ones are in hospital.

In 1993, the League of Friends opened a shop at the hospital’s main entrance, which was refurbished in late 2012 following changes to the entrance area. The shop, staffed entirely by volunteers, reopened selling a large range of traditional sweets, fudge and ice cream. The shop is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

The League of Friends has financially supported many hospital projects, including £100,000 to the Stars Appeal for computer equipment to facilitate “key-hole” surgery, £25,000 for refurbishment of the new Bereavement Suite and £20,000 for a bedroom in the new Neonatal Family Accommodation Unit. You can find out more about recent projects by picking up a copy of the yearly magazine from the League of Friends shop.

In order to continue our work we need your support. You can help by:

To find out more visit our website League of Friends of Salisbury Hospital or contact us via:

League of Friends shop,
Salisbury District Hospital,


SWAAP - South Wiltshire Action Against Poverty

Initiated in 1999 through Agenda 21, SWAAP is a Partnership of organisations working in different ways to reduce poverty and increase social inclusion.

Membership is open to representatives from organisations, agencies and local groups with similar aims and working in Salisbury District. Meetings are held bi-monthly in Salisbury City and an annual planning day takes place in September where the years work is agreed and task groups identified to take the work forward.

Recent work includes multi agency training on working with the 'Hard to Reach' initiating the bid for a Healthy Living Centre in the South Western area of Salisbury District and a Partnership Checklist - an aid to initiating a Partnership or strengthening an existing Partnership.

Salisbury Council for Voluntary Services

The voluntary sector has a long history of working with the providers of health and social care. The sector has been responsible for a large number of innovative developments, which have broadened the impact of health care within the wider community. Since the creation of the NHS the voluntary sector has had a strategic role in service planning and, at the same time, has developed a significant level of service delivery, for example the hospice movement has made a significant contribution to the care of the dying and the support of their families.

The network of voluntary sector support groups to people with ongoing conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, HIV, mental health problems, learning disabilities and more, provides support to people within their own community as well as backing to primary and secondary health providers. In the era of partnership working the voluntary sector values the support it receives from the NHS providers and looks to fulfilling its role in the strategic planning of service development.

Under the terms of the Constitution of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust the Council is allowed to nominate a Governor to serve on the Trust's Council of Governors.

The INSPIRE Foundation (Integrated Spinal Rehabilitation)



Most able-bodied people take their bodies for granted and rarely consider the consequences of injury. Spinal cord injury can happen to anyone and can change life forever.

The Situation

It is estimated that there are 40,000 spinal cord injured people in UK and each year there are approximately 700 new cases. About half are tetraplegics (no functional use of all four limbs) and the remainder are paraplegics (unable to walk). INSPIRE, whilst recognising that a cure will eventually be found, is funding research projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) now.

The Charity

The object of INSPIRE is to promote research into, and the development of, electronic, mechanical and medical aids to assist the mobility and enablement of people suffering from spinal cord paralysis and its associated effects and to publish the results of such useful research.

INSPIRE became a registered charity in 1986 having been conceived by those who are SCI. In February 2000 INSPIRE was accepted as a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).


INSPIRE is co-located with the Trust and has its offices on the lower level of the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre.


If you would like to contact INSPIRE, please telephone the Charity on 01722 336262 extension 2465.

For further information please contact the department on 01722 336262 ext 4026 or visit our website at

How You Can Help

  • Volunteering for the Appeal
  • Organising an event
  • Becoming a Friend of the Stars by making a regular gift

Gift Aid - Make Your Gift Worth More

For every pound you give us, we get an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue if you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the UK. It's that simple.

For more details please give the Appeal Office a call on 01722 429005.


Website: http://

In House


The Voluntary Services Department at Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust seeks to optimise the opportunities for volunteering within the Trust. There are currently over 500 volunteers undertaking many varied tasks within the Trust in 40 different locations. Volunteers have the opportunity for a 'share' in caring and can work in a supportive role to staff. The benefits of voluntary help are recognised fully throughout the Trust.

Under the terms of the Constitution of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust the Volunteers are allowed to elect a Governor from within their number to serve on the Trust's Council of Governors.

Radio Odstock

Radio Odstock is the hospital radio station at Salisbury District Hospital. It was founded in 1953 by two employees at Salisbury Journal newspaper who thought it an idea to relay sports reports for the benefit of patients in Salisbury hospitals.

A few years later Mr Paul Mullions, himself a patient, had a 'vision' of taking this a step further and with the help of family and friends he commenced collecting music requests from patients and relaying them via a tape recorder to the various wards.

So, from those early days when Paul had the enthusiasm to make the Station succeed, it has become a very modern Radio Station which broadcasts a dozen or so live programmes every week. When these programmes are concluded, computerisation continues to keep the patients in touch for 24 hours a day with a mixture of music and hospital information.

'Oddie' has celebrated over 50 years continuous broadcasting and looks ahead to many more years playing the music the patients want to hear.


The Salisbury Hospice is situated on the southern boundary of Salisbury District Hospital. It is a modern purpose built facility for a maximum of 10 in-patients. The Salisbury Hospice is also the centre for providing specialist Palliative Care Services to patients in Salisbury and surrounding area. At any one time there are over 140 patients, their families and friends, under the care of the nursing, medical and support staff based at the Hospice.

Palliative care is the provision of total care of the patient and their family, when faced with a life threatening illness for which there is no medical cure. The majority of the patients seen by the Service have cancer.

The Service consists of The Hospice In-Patient Unit, Palliative Care Home Service, Community Palliative Care Team, Hospital Palliative Care Team, Peter Gillam Support Centre and the Social Work/Bereavement Centre.

Further information is available by telephoning: 01722 336262 Ext.2362 or by accessing the Salisbury Hospice Care Trust Website


B.U.G.S. is a charitable support group for people who have been burned and their families/carers. The Group was founded in May 2000 by staff trained in burn care and an ex-patient.

When and where do the sessions take place?

We hold informal support groups every week in the Wessex Rehabilitation Centre (W.R.C). They coincide with the Tissue Support Clinic held in the W.R.C. at the same time. We offer support, friendship, practical information and advice. It is also possible to link into professional help and advice for therapy and treatment. We can recommend national organisations where appropriate.

Help from B.U.G.S is offered to all current and previous patients and their families. They do not need to have been treated in Salisbury District Hospital (S.D.H). Patients under the care of a plastic surgeon might also find the group beneficial. All are welcome to come and have a chat over refreshments. The group organises formal meetings, fun activities and newsletters during the year. You can find us every Wednesday in the W.R.C at S.D.H entrance B between 1.30 - 3.30pm.

Membership is free.

For further information please contact: Janet Tromans, or Sue Smith on: 01722 336262 ext 3139.

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