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Our members are an essential part of our future as a NHS Foundation Trust.  We believe that local people, patients and staff have a real say in how their hospital services are delivered by becoming a member.  We are keen to encourage as many people that want to join us to do so.  There is no cost to becoming a member and there are no obligations on your part.

NHS Foundation Trust status brings with it a number of new and exciting opportunities.  We already enjoy considerable support from local people and our staff.  We believe that many will welcome new ways in which
they can have an active involvement in their local hospital.  Others may prefer a less active role, but may still want to be kept up-to-date on the planning of local health services.

What is the make up of the membership?

Members are drawn from - Public and Staff.  

Constituences and Governors

This map shows the seven constituencies closest to the hospital.

catchment map

What can members do?

They can:

  • shape the future direction of the hospital
  • get actively involved in the planning and monitoring of services
  • tell us about the needs and expectations of the local community
  • be consulted over future developments
  • stand and vote in elections for governors
  • share ideas and experiences that lead to continued service improvements
  • take back ideas and plans to the local communities or staff groups
  • attend special events to get an inside view of the hospital.

As a member you decide on the level of involvement that you want to have.

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