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High quality care and three stars in national performance ratings for 2003/04 made Salisbury District Hospital one of the top NHS hospitals in the country, enabling what was then Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust to apply for NHS Foundation Trust status. In order to continue with its application, the Trust had to maintain its high standards and retain three stars 2004/05, which it did. Consistently high standards and excellent financial management led to the authorisation of the hospital as a NHS Foundation Trust under the Health and Social Care (Community) Act 2003 on 1 June 2006 and a new name - Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

NHS Foundation Trusts are legally independent organisations known as Public Benefit Corporations, with a duty to provide NHS services to NHS patients. NHS Foundation Trusts are still firmly part of the NHS, but with greater freedom to develop in the way that local people and staff feel is appropriate for them.

What's Changed in the NHS Foundation Trust Status?

  • We are now directly accountable to local people through the Council of Governors
  • There are more opportunities for local people to get involved in the hospital and help the Trust continue to improve services for patients
  • There is now greater financial freedom that can be used to develop facilities and services in the organisation to benefit patients

What Stayed the Same?

  • Care and treatment continues to be free at the point of delivery
  • We continue to provide services to high standards set by the Department of Health
  • We continue to work in co-operation with other health and social care organisations for the benefit of local people

Committee Protocol

Public Consultation

Before we submitted our final document on how we plan to operate as a NHS Foundation Trust, we consulted with members of the public, staff, local authorities and all other interested parties on our draft proposals in a twelve week public consultation which finished on the 6 November 2005.

NHS Foundation Status Consultation Summary Document

Views were summarised and included in:
final report submitted to the Secretary of State in December 2005

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