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Hearing aid services 

We fit digital NHS behind-the-ear hearing aids and our current suppliers are Oticon and Phonak. Anyone who is concerned about their hearing should visit their GP. If you would like to do a quick hearing check at home click here for an online hearing check from Action on Hearing Loss.

If you do not have a history of problems with your ears you can be referred to the audiology service by your GP for a hearing assessment and a hearing aid fitting, if this is appropriate.

If you have had ear problems in the past ,or do not meet the criteria to be referred directly to the service, you will be referred to  a consultant in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department first.

You will have a hearing test carried out by an audiologist and the consultant may then refer you the audiology service for hearing aids. You will then have an appointment to have the hearing aid(s) fitted. A face to face or telephone follow-up appointment is offered to make sure you are benefiting from the hearing aid(s).

All patients who need hearing aids will be shown how to use and care for them, and will be given information on how to get used to wearing a hearing aid, how often to wear it and where to get replacement batteries.

NHS hearing aids are provided free of charge. A charge will be made when hearing aids have been lost or damaged through misuse. The current charge is £75 per hearing aid.

We provide a number of drop-in battery and tubing collection centres. We also offer hearing aid repair clinics on an appointment basis.

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