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Staying on Sarum Ward 

Some children need to stay on Sarum Ward to receive the treatment they need. During this time the family will be cared for by a nurse who will introduce themselves at the start of the shift and provide support and information regarding the care of your child.

We encourage parents, wherever possible, to continue to look after their children, supported by our staff as we know that you know your child better than anyone.

Sarum Ward covers a wide variety of specialties which means that a large team of consultants are linked to the ward. Children are admitted under the care of the appropriate Consultant and will be seen by them, or a member of their team, every day.

To protect the children we care for, Sarum Ward operates a security system which ensures that people may only enter the ward with staff approval. Please press the buzzer outside and wait for a member of staff to reply. 

 What should we bring into hospital?

  • Your admission letter - if you have one
  • Any current medication that you child is taking
  • Clothes and nightwear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Toiletries and nappies
  • Baby formula, bottles, teats and a dummy
  • Thermos cup or flask for parent
  • Favourite toy or game
  • Money for meals (for parents) or own food from home (please label with date and name - this can be stored in our refrigerator on the ward)
  • Your child's health record book (red book)
    welcome to Sarum ward

Infection control

To help us reduce the spread of any infections we ask all visitors to use alcohol gel or to wash their hands when entering and leaving the ward and any individual rooms. Although we welcome visitors, please do not come to the ward if you have been unwell as this could result in infections being spread to children and staff.

It is useful to bring certain items to the ward, but please think about bringing only essential items as keeping the space around beds tidy and clutter free helps us to keep the ward area clean.

Some children may need to be nursed in isolation which means that we ask them to stay in their rooms. If children visit their brothers or sisters in who are in isolation then they also must stay in the room while they are in the ward. These rooms will have an infection control sign on the doors. Please speak to staff if you have any questions about this.


Hand held computer games and electronics may be used on the ward but please be aware that it is the family’s responsibility to keep them safe from damage or loss. Each bed space has a locker with a key card where these can be stored safely. Any electrical item that requires being plugged in to the mains must be PAT tested before use. Please speak to the ward clerk or play team to find out how to go about this.

Mobile phones may be used on the ward. Please be considerate to our families in using these and we ask that they are kept on silent mode only.

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