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About the Team 

Gastroenterology Consultants

The Consultants are responsible for the ongoing care of outpatients and ward patients - interpreting and performing investigations, and setting out a planned course of treatment for your care. You may not always see the Consultant in the clinic but they will oversee your care that may be given by other members of the team.

Gastroenterology Specialist Registrars

There are typically two Gastroenterology Specialist Registrars who rotate on an annual basis through our Department; they work closely with the Consultants and other members of the inpatient and outpatient Gastroenterology team.

Specialist Gastroenterology Nurses

  • Louise Black - (Hepatology Clinical Nurse Specialist)
  • Anna MacRae (Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse)
  • Lynne Constable/Paula Taylor (Upper GI CNS)
  • Charlie Revell (Alcohol Liaison Nurse)

There are currently five Gastroenterology specialist nurses, all of whom care for inpatients and outpatients alongside the Consultants and other doctors. Charlie Revell is the Alcohol Liaison Nurse who gives specialist advice and support to patients who have alcohol issues. Anne MacRae is the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse who assists the doctors in the day to day management and monitoring of those who have Crohn’s and Colitis whilst maintaining a Flare line for outpatients who require urgent help and advice. Lynne Constable and Paula Taylor are the Upper GI nurse specialists, who become involved in patient care when they need urgent investigation for a possible cancer. They work alongside the Consultants to support the patient and their family through diagnosis and treatment. They can offer this support for inpatients and outpatients and is available for telephone advice.

Gastroenterology Administrators

  • Maxine Winch – Non-Clinical Manager
  • Shannon Downes, Kelly Hibs and Melanie McDonough are the Gastroenterology Team Secretaries.
  • Our team of administrative staff perform a whole number of essential functions within the Department. They ensure that appropriate appointments are made in an acceptable timescale and provide a typing service for the outpatient clinics and consultations. They also take calls answering questions and concerns, enabling the smooth running of a complex Department. Please note that they cannot give results over the phone.

    Redlynch Ward

    Redlynch Ward is a 27-bed Acute Medical Ward that specialises in Gastroenterology. The care on this Ward is overseen by the Gastroenterology Consultants who run a rota for cover. Whenever possible, patients will be placed on this Ward if they are suffering from Gastroenterology conditions and need care provided by specialist doctors and nurses.

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