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How do I get referred for a genetic test?


If you think you are affected by or at risk of a genetic condition, you should contact your GP (or specialist consultant as appropriate) in the first instance. We regret that we cannot offer genetics advice or give out test results to patients directly from the laboratory. Genetics counselling and advice is provided by your local Clinical Genetics Service (see below).

For information on specific services, see relevant web page from Our services .

Genetics counselling services

The Wessex Clinical Genetics Service (WCGS) provides genetics counselling, advice and referrals for patients within the South Central (Wessex) region. See Clinical genetics page for details.

Private referrals

Although it is possible to have a genetic test done privately, the implications of a positive or negative result and whether or not having the test would make any difference to the clinical treatment for the patient must be clearly explained by a specialist doctor or genetics counsellor.  A Clinical Geneticist must agree to any referrals for carrier testing or for tests that would predict any late-onset genetic disorders.

Patient and family support groups

Support groups and charities are available to help patients and families with a confirmed genetic diagnosis. For a full list of these, see the Genetic Alliance UK web link below.

Useful Links


            Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group

     Metabolic Disorder Support Group

Genetic Alliance UK logo Genetic Alliance UK - Patient and family support group

  Contact a family - provide information, advice and support for medical conditions


Informed consent: All samples referred to us require the full informed consent of the patient for the test(s) being requested; this should be discussed with your GP/consultant at the time of referral. For DNA tests, it is assumed that patient consent has been obtained for the long-term storage of DNA samples unless we are instructed otherwise.

Information governance: WRGL maintains the security and confidentiality of all patient data in accordance with the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Privacy notice.

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