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Before You Come into Hospital 

You may need to do the following
1. Cancel regular deliveries such as milk or newspapers
2. Make arrangements for pets to be looked after
3. Ask your neighbours to collect post and keep an eye on your home
4. Make any financial arrangements that are necessary
5. If you receive income benefit, please tell the Department for Work and Pensions
6. If you receive a state pension or supplementary benefit you should refer to the instructions on the back of your order book regarding admission to hospital
7. Tell ward staff in advance of any special needs you may have that could affect your ability to remain independant
8. Arrange (if possible) for a relative or friend to bring you into hospital so that they can take away any clothes or property that you will not need during your stay
9. Only bring items that you really need . Please mark personal property with your name so that it can easily be identified. A bedside locker is available for your personal possessions but please remember that space on the ward is limited
10. Ask your GP to check with your consultant if any of your medication should be stopped before coming into hospital, for example, warfarin, non-steroid-anti-inflammatory-drugs (NSAIDS) such as diclofenac or aspirin, the contraceptive pill or herbal medicine
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