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Planning to go home 


It is important that you prepare now for things that you may need when you return home.

Questions you may need answering are:

  • How long am I expected to remain in hospital?
  • What changes or restrictions to my normal life style will there be after my treatment?

If you are in any doubt about the answer to these questions please ask your GP or speak to your consultant's secretary.

Some things to think about and prepare for are:

  • letting the doctor or health professional who is caring for you know what you need in the way of support or equipment to help you at home
  • having someone to take you home
  • having someone to stay with you if needed, or if you are staying with someone, letting them know what your arrangements are
  • help with housework and shopping

You will need to leave the ward by 10am on the day that you are allowed home. If you are unable to travel this early in the day you will be transferred to the Discharge Lounge This offers comfortable seating, hot and cold drinks and meals if needed until you are collected. Parking for this area is free via a 'pick up point'.

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