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What to bring with you 

You should bring (where appropriate)
Your admission letter
All your current medication in their original containers (including medication that you may have bought at a chemist or herbalist)
Comfortable day clothes and shoes
Dressing gown and slippers
Glasses/contact lens, hearing aids
Hairbrush and comb
Mobility aids you use, such as walking stick or walking frame
Money for incidentals such as refreshments, car parking or newspapers
Nightwear (and a change)
Proof of entitlement to free travel costs
Shaving kit
Soap and shampoo
Soft drinks
Tampons/sanitary towels
Toothbrush and toothpase
Music player
Mobile phone
You may also want to bring
Books and magazines

Valuables and money

We strongly advise you not to bring any valuables or jewellery with you (apart from wedding rings). if you do bring any items of value with you, they must be placed in the hospital safe, otherwise we cannot guarantee their security during your stay. Do not leave valuables in your car, as the Trust will not accept responsibility for theft or damage to your vehicle.

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