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Keeping healthy

When you arrive at hospital 


Your admission letter will tell you where to go when you arrive at the hospital but if you are in any doubt please go to the Reception Desk at the Main Entrance and ask for directions. Volunteer guides may be available to escort you to where you want to go.

When you reach the ward

You will be welcomed by a member of the nursing staff or the Ward Clerk who will tell you about the ward and its daily routine. 

Preventing infection

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is proud to have one of the lowest rates of infection in the country. To help us maintain this, we need to ask for everyone's support.

To reduce the risk of picking up an infection in hospital please:

  • encourage your friends and family to use hygenic gel dispensers situated outside each ward before they come to the ward to visit you
  • wash hands after using the toilet and before eating
  • change your clothes daily
  • use disposable flannels or wipes
  • use liquid soap
  • do not walk around in bare feet
  • do not be afraid to ask staff whether they have washed their hands before they care for you.

A detailed leaflet on infection control can be found on every ward.

Same sex accommodation

We believe that no patient should share a sleeping area, washroom or toilet facility with a member of the opposite sex. During 2009, additional bathroom and toilet facilities were created. This allows us to ensure that our patients sleep in single sex bays with designated bathroom and toilet facilities although our wards accommodate both male and female patients.

The only exceptions to this are situations where the need to admit someone in an emergency over-rides the need for segregation or where patients need to be treated in highly specialised areas such as the intensive care unit.


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