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COVID 19 and Children 

The paediatric department at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust have made preparations to tackle Coronavirus and look after your children should they need hospitalisation. The most up to date information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on the NHS website.

COVID-19 is a virus that can affect your lungs and airways. Children seem to be at lower risk of severe infections but due to the virus being highly contagious, it is essential that the condition is treated seriously and all advice followed.

If you are concerned your child has symptoms or lives with someone who has symptoms, please refer to the NHS website for advice.

Advice for people at high risk

If you're at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus, there are extra things you should do to avoid catching it.

These include:

  • not leaving your home – you should not go out to do shopping, visit friends or family, or attend any gatherings
  • avoiding close contact with other people in your home as much as possible

Read the full advice on protecting yourself if you're at high risk from coronavirus on GOV.UK.

If you think that you are an extremely vulnerable person, please register here (have your NHS number to hand) for additional support (such as help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food).

Who is at high risk?

You may be at high risk from coronavirus if you:

  • have had an organ transplant
  • are having certain types of cancer treatment
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections
  • are taking medicine that weakens your immune system
  • are pregnant and have a serious heart condition

Specific guidance for some of these conditions has been produced:

Asthma – Asthma UK

Childhood Cancer – Childrens Cancer and Leukaemia Group CCLG

Cystic Fibrosis – Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Heart disease/ transplant – British Heart Foundation

Immunodeficiency – Primary Immunodeficiency UK PID UK; secondary immunodeficiency PID UK

Kidney disease/ transplant – Kidney Care UK

Liver disease/ transplant – British Liver Trust

Pregnancy – Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Rheumatology conditions – British Society for Rheumatology

Nursery/ School Advice

Schools and childcare settings currently remain open for children of key workers to allow them to deal with COVID-19. To keep the risk of spread to an absolute minimum, parents should only send them to these settings if absolutely essential.


Admission to hospital

If admitted to hospital with suspected coronavirus, staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and children will be kept isolated. PPE can be scary for children so they may need reassurance. The picture by Dr Clarissa Chase may help:



To minimise the spread of infection, only one parent will be able to stay with your child and no other visitors are currently allowed. Parents can swap if required but we request that this is limited. Free Wi-Fi has been provided by Stars Appeal charitable funding and is available via the Cloud. We encourage you to video-call and virtually visit if possible.

We have divided our children’s inpatient ward, Sarum, into two areas to ensure patients with suspected Coronavirus are looked after separately to patients requiring admission not due to infection. To limit the number of people in hospital, there are currently no catering facilities for visitors.

For our Neonatal unit, only one parent can stay and no other visitors are allowed (including siblings).

Changes to Appointments

We will be switching the majority of our outpatient consultations to telephone or video appointments. Some non-urgent appointments may need to be cancelled but you will be informed should this be the case.

Please do not come to the hospital if you or your child has any symptoms suggestive of Coronavirus. Please follow the guidance provided on the
NHS website.

If a face-to-face consultation is required, we request that the child is only accompanied by one parent/ carer only.

Cancellations of Elective Operations/ Procedures

Routine surgery at Salisbury District Hospital has been postponed with immediate effect to allow staff to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.

We understand that this may be frustrating to families who have been waiting a while. Everyone patient affected will be contacted as soon as possible. These procedures will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Emergency and urgent operations/ procedures (including cancer treatments) will be carrying on as normal with measures taken to limit exposure of non-infected patients to Coronavirus.

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    Important – Other Illness

    If you are concerned your child is sick, please do seek medical attention without delay as described by the RCPCH president Professor Russell Viner:


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