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Customer Care Team  

The Customer Care Team is for patients, their relatives and carers and offers on-the-spot advice.

Visit the Customer Care Team on level 2 of the north Salisbury District Hospital building (Nunton Unit).
Monday - Friday 8:30 to 4:30pm.

The nearest car park is car park 8, enter by the Springs entrance.

Contact Us

Freephone - 0800 374208
Email -
pick up a leaflet and use the freepost slip.

Customer Care - Easy Read

Comments Concerns Compliments and Complaints

Customer Care aims to negotiate speedy resolutions to individual concerns and to learn from what people tell us so that we can improve our local health service.

Complain for Change


Even though we work very hard to stop things going wrong, we recognise that they sometimes do. When this happens we would like to know so that we can try to put things right and stop the same sort of thing happening again to you, or to someone else.

We have an open and honest approach to dealing with complaints and ensure that they are investigated thoroughly and fairly to establish the facts. We work hard to learn from what people have told us to help us improve the services that we deliver.

Anyone who is, or has been a patient can complain. If you are unable to do so yourself then someone else (usually a close relative or friend) can complain for you. The health and social care guidelines suggest a time limit of within 12 months from the date on which the matter occurred, or the matter came to the notice of the complainant.


If someone is making a complaint on your behalf, then written consent will be needed. Consent is not needed if the person cannot act for him or herself, for example, if they do not have mental capacity.

How do I make a complaint?

Write a letter outlining your complaint addressed to:

The Chief Executive
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Trust Offices
Salisbury District Hospital

Please use this template for guidance


Alternatively you can telephone the Customer Care Department:
Freephone 0800 374208
or via e-mail to:

Can I get help making a complaint?

Yes, you can contact the following free services for help and advice in compiling a letter of complaint, or for support in meetings with hospital staff.


Tel: 0300 3435733

Dorset Advocacy
13-15 Jubilee Court
Paceycombe Way

Tel: 0300 343 7000

(Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight)
Tel: 0300 3435733

(All other Hampshire areas)
Healthwatch/Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Tel: 01962 440262


We would like to hear from you if you have a suggestion on how we can improve our service.


If you have any concerns, it is always best to let someone know while you are in hospital, for example, the ward sister, your consultant or the Customer Care Team. Please be assured that raising your concerns will not prejudice your care and treatment in any way.


If you are happy with any part of a service you receive please tell us. We will record your views and pass them on to the people involved. We can also share good practice to help improve other services.


Mediation can be used to resolve conflict/communication breakdown between patients/relatives and staff to stop the situation from escalating to a formal complaint. In some cases a complaint investigation may be underway already. If this is the case, the mediator's role is purely to mediate between the parties to restore communication. The Mediator will not be involved in the investigation of the complaint. If you would like to use mediation to resolve your concerns, please contact 01722 336262 ext 2743

Translating and Interpreting Services

The Customer Care Team can provide access to trained interpreters to support communication with patients who are non-English speakers, people for whom English is a second language, sign language, deaf, blind or partially sighted. The ward/department where the appointment is to take place will book the appointment in a timely and sensitive manner to enable the patient to be involved in decision making over his/her care.

A 24-hour telephone interpreting service is also available for emergency situations or short non-complex appointments.


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