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Hearing Aid Users 

The following information in the links below is for existing NHS Hearing aid users registered at Salisbury District Hospital.

If you are new to the area with an NHS hearing aid from another department and you would like to be seen by our team please contact your GP to contact us so that we can take over your audiology care.

We hope you find the following information helpful.

Postal Repair Services

Replacement batteries are available by post when we have your brown book or battery record card. A self addressed envelope with two 2nd class stamps is required for the return postage. NHS batteries can only be issued to patients who have NHS hearing aids.

Lost Hearing Aid

Firstly, please carry out a thorough search for the lost aid.

Contact the department to arrange a repair appointment stating whether you have lost the earmould, hearing aid or both.

A charge is made for lost hearing aids or hearing aids damaged due to neglect. Some examples include:

  • Exposure to excess moisture in showers/baths, whilst swimming or if worn in excessive rain
  • Damage from domestic appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, conventional ovens.
  • Breaking/crushing from dropping or treading on them.
  • Tampering has caused damage beyond repair, e.g. parts of the instrument are glued together, the battery has been inserted incorrectly and has damaged the aid beyond repair.
  • Obvious marks of damage through neglect/poor storage such as: rust, grime, melting of casing, teeth marks from pets.
  • Poor/inappropriate cleaning regimes causing damage beyond repaid

Repair Clinics

If your hearing aid is not functioning properly you will need to contact the department for an appointment. Appointments are available daily in the Audiology Department.

Repair clinics are also held at the outreach sites listed in Hearing Aid Battery Services. Please ask the clerical officer when you phone if you require an appointment at one of our outreach clinics. Please note that outreach clinics can book up very quickly so, in an emergency the quickest way to seek help and/or advice is through an appointment in Salisbury.

Patients are not able to leave hearing aids at reception for hearing aid repairs. If you are not able to visit the department then either post your hearing aid or ask a family member or friend to attend on your behalf.

Click here for hearing aid troubleshooting advice.

Hearing Aid Battery Services

Battery collection centres Day Time
Salisbury Medical Practice
Wilton Road
Registered Patients Only
Monday - Friday 08.30am - 08.00pm
Batteries only
Three Swans Surgery
Registered Patients Only
Monday - Friday 08.00am - 06.00pm
Batteries only
St Anns Surgery
Registered Patients Only
Monday - Friday 08.00am - 06.00pm
Batteries only
Endless Street Surgery
Registered Patients Only
Monday - Friday 08.00am - 06.00pm
Batteries only
Bishopdown Surgery
Registered Patients Only
Monday - Friday 08.30am - 01.00pm
Batteries only
Amesbury Health Centre
Smithfield Road
Monday - Friday 10.00am - 12.00 Noon
02.00pm - 04.00pm
Batteries only
The Health Centre
Monday - Friday 09.00am - 05.30pm
Batteries only
Warminster Hospital Reception Monday - Friday 08.30am - 05.00pm
Batteries only
Silton Surgery
Monday - Friday 09.00am - 01.00pm
Batteries only
Lake Road Surgery
Monday - Friday 08.00am - 06.30pm
Batteries only
Westminster Memorial Hospital
Monday - Friday 09.00am - 12.00 Noon
02.00pm - 04.00pm
Batteries only
Sixpenny Handley Surgery
Dean Lane
Monday - Friday 09.30am - 12.00 Noon
01.30pm - 04.30pm
Batteries only
Gillingham Norddis Monday - Friday 10.00am - 04.00pm
Batteries only

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