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Our services 

The department provides audiology and hearing therapy services for patients of all ages. We test hearing and balance and provide treatment and/or hearing aids where appropriate.

Adult hearing

We provide hearing tests and hearing aid assessments, hearing aid fittings, hearing therapy, information and guidance, as well advice on additional listening devices.

Children's hearing

This service provides hearing assessment for children aged 0 to 18 years with temporary and/or permanent hearing loss. We also fit hearing aids where necessary. Click here to visit the Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG) website.

Balance testing

We carry out investigations for patients with balance difficulties that have been referred to us by our Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Consultants. Vestibular rehabilitation programmes and exercises are prescribed for patients where necessary. Click here to find out more.

Hearing therapy and tinnitus counseling

We provide additional counselling and support for patients in the management of complex hearing and tinnitus problems. Tinnitus is the term used to describe noises that are heard in the ears or head. The sounds vary from person to person and can be heard even when there are no other external sounds. It is more commonly thought of as a "ringing" sound  in the ears, but can in fact involve a wide variety of sounds.

Tinnitus is very common in people of all ages and can be caused by:

  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Hearing loss
  • Ear or head injuries
  • Ear infections or other diseases of the ear
  • Stress/tiredness/Illness
  • A side effect of medication

There may not be a single cause of tinnitus.

Help with tinnitus can be given as part of a patient’s initial hearing assessment. Often the use of a hearing aid is the preferred form of therapy. For patients who find their tinnitus more troublesome, an appointment can be offered with our Senior Hearing Therapist who runs a dedicated tinnitus clinic.

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