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Typical Care Pathway 

Breast care multidisciplinary team

As you can see from the process below, your treatment from your first contact with the hospital to the start of follow up is likely to involve many people.

Just some of our multi-disciplinary Team (MDT)

Back row left to right: Michelle Khan, Sonnya Dabill, Karen Campbell -Fotheringham, Melanie Harvey, Nick Carty

Front row: Shirley Holmes, Anna Aertssen, Vicky Brown, Sue Hegarty

A Typical Care Pathway
Day - 14 - - 1 Referred by GP
Day 0 Seen in clinic. Assessment by surgical team, X-ray and histopathologist
Day 1 TheMDT co-ordinator collates theinformation on allpatients who have abnormal results from clinic, then guides and drives the rest of the pathway communicating regularly with the patient and the rest of the team.
Days 3-7 Discussion at the MDT meeting– the whole team meet to discuss theresults for patients who may have serious problems.
Day 12 + Pre-Operative Assessment with pre-assessment nurses and the breast care nurse
Day 21-28 Operation – surgeon, anaesthetist and theatre nurses work to ensure the success of the operation
Day 28-29 Discharged home
Day 36 + Re-discussion at MDT meeting – to plan the advice we will give you for further therapy after operation
Days 39 + Seen in clinic with full results of operation. We agree and take forward the plan
The next phase Start of further therapy
Hormone therapy
Follow-up in clinic Either 6 to 12 monthly for up to 5 years or SSMP (Supported Self-Management Pathway).
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