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Keeping healthy

Patient menus 

Our menus have been carefully designed to provide you with a varied and interesting choice of nutritious, well balanced and appetising food, suitable for your diet. 

Our aims are:

  • To offer a choice of appetising, healthy and nourishing meals.
  • To prepare meals using seasonal fresh foods from local suppliers/growers.
  • To provide a range of refreshing drinks, including fresh water.
  • To provide assistance with selecting and eating meals, if required.
  • To provide meals that respect diversity, faith and cultural choice.
  • To provide meals in a calm and quiet environment (free from avoidable interruptions)

Eating well is important, to support our patients
menus offer small, medium and large portion sizes
and offer a wide choice of foods that may be selected from one of the following menus:

Salt, pepper and sauces
The Food Standards Agency recommend that adults eat no more than 6 grams of salt per day, accordingly, we very lightly season our meals and do not routinely add salt during cooking.  Salt, pepper, vinegar and other sauces are available at meal times. 

A range of hot and cold drinks including tea, coffee and fruit squash, will be served with meals and throughout the day.  Please ask a member of the ward team if you would like a drink at other times.

Our patient catering service:

Supports the 5 A Day campaign – eat more fruit and vegetables
Promotes protected mealtimes – making food a priority at mealtimes
Provides gold meal trays – supporting patients who need assistance with food
Provides green meal trays – supporting patients with a known allergy and those requiring gluten free diets
Offers energy dense meals – supporting patients with small appetites

Contact us
Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the catering service please ask a member of the ward team to contact us, the catering manager or a member of his team will visit you on the ward.


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