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Children's Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG)

The Salisbury CHSWG (pronounced chizzywig) is a multi-disciplinary group, including service users, which takes the lead in integrated service delivery for deaf children and their families.

The main focus of the Group is to monitor, to develop and to improve the services delivered to deaf children, their parents and other family members through the processes of ongoing support.

The Salisbury CHSWG will be represented by all organisations that are involved in the services delivered to children and their families, which include Health, Education, Social Care, Voluntary Sector Representation, Parents, Carers and the young people who are Service-users themselves.

The Salisbury CHSWG will meet at least three times a year. Dates for future meetings will be agreed at the beginning of each year and confirmed nearer the time of each meeting. For details please email the group at

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