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These pages are designed to introduce you to some of the members of our team and help you understand their roles within the children's unit.

Consultant Paediatricians

Sarum ward has a number of specialist children's doctors or paediatricians who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the care of sick children. They will work with you to help plan and carry out the care that is needed. Sarum Ward covers a wide variety of specialties which means that a large team of consultants are linked to the ward. Children are admitted under the care of the appropriate consultant, for example, a child having their tonsils out will be under the care of an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant. In these cases the child may have two consultants involved in their care who will work together - a surgeon and a paediatrician.

The Paediatricians for Sarum Ward are:

  • Dr Chris Anderson - specialising in diabetes care
  • Dr Jim Baird - specialising in neonates
  • Dr Nick Brown - specialising in cardiac illnesses, allergies and infectious diseases
  • Dr Tracey Farnon - specialising in respiratory illnesses
  • Dr Myo Lwin - specialising in neurological illnesses, epilepsy and child development
  • Dr Patricia May - specialising in child development and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Dr Phillipa Ridley - specialising in cancer treatments (oncology)
  • Dr Robert Scott-Jupp - specialising in respiratory illnesses and adolescent medicine
  • Dr Rowena Staples - specialising in oncology and kidney problems (nephrology)
  • Dr Carl Taylor - (Lead Consultant) specialising in endocrine illnesses

The consultants are supported by a group of paediatric and GP trained doctors who form part of their team.

Nursing Staff

Ward Manager

Mandy Cooper 01722 336262 ext 4892

The nursing team on Sarum Ward, led by Mandy Cooper, is made up of children’s trained nurses and nursing assistants They work together and with you to help care for your child. The sister or senior nurse on each shift will wear a badge indicating that they are the nurse in charge. The nursing staff wear a uniform of blue scrubs. At the start of each shift your child's nurse will introduce themselves to you by name.

Sarum ward has links with local universities and offers practical learning placements for student nursing assistants, nurses and doctors. They may take part in caring for your child alongside a trained member of staff. They will wear a badge that identifies them as a student. If you have any questions about this please speak to the nurse caring for your child.

Play Specialist

Jane Poole - Sarum ward 01722 336262 ext 2561

Jane uses a wide range of techniques and equipment to help distract children and reduce their anxiety during their hospital stay, especially when they need procedures such as blood tests or changing dressings. Jane also maintains a large and varied playroom and teenage room to encourage a speedy return to normal activity after illness or operations.

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff are very important to the smooth running of the ward. They help process the paperwork that is produced and make sure that information is passed on to all the other people involved in your child's care such as the GP. Our administrative staff also organise and arrange appointments at clinics within the hospital. The ward clerks are Sarah Oak and Serena Elgie and can be contacted on 01722 336262 ext 2560.


Lou Pitman 01722 336262 x4268

We have a Specialist Paediatric Pharmacist who visits the ward daily during the week, normally in the mornings. She will check to see if children have any allergies and make sure that all the medicines for children to take at home (if any) have been prescribed correctly. She will also check the doses of any new medicines that have been prescribed. It is very important that you understand how to your child should take any medicines which have been prescribed. Please speak to Lou if you have any queries about your child’s medicines.

Community Nurses

Karen Glastonbury
Hayley Holland
Alison Harding
Trina Forrester

Contact telephone Number: 01722 429053

The community nursing team aims to provide specialist support and nursing care for children in their homes with identified health needs either after they have been discharged from hospital, or if they have longer term health problems. Children are referred to the service by a Consultant Paediatrician.

Cleft Clinical Nurse Specialists

There are two cleft clinical nurse specialists at Salisbury, Nichola Hudson and Maureen Warren. They work in the hospital and visit children in their homes to provide advice and support to families who are undergoing cleft palate surgery. Please see the Spires Cleft Website for more information.

Children’s Therapy Service

The Children’s Therapy Team consists of specialist occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are responsible for the assessment and treatment of children aged 0-19 years with disabilities in the Salisbury area.. The therapists carry out their work in the hospital, school and home settings.

A team of physiotherapists provide an acute physiotherapy service to children from Salisbury and the surrounding areas on the Children’s wards and in outpatient clinics on the children’s unit.

Teaching Service

There is a teaching service available on the ward. These teachers will visit children who are able to undertake school work during term time Monday to Friday and provide educational activities. They can also liaise with your child’s school if your child is to stay on Sarum Ward for a long period of time. This is to try and ensure that the correct school work is carried out on the ward so that, wherever possible, children do not fall behind with their school work.

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