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What is DAU ? 

The Day Assessment Unit (DAU) is open from 8am to 9pm from Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays).  This is where we see children (between the ages 0 to 16 years) who have usually been referred to us by their general practitioners (GP’s).  The GP may feel that the child needs to see a paediatrician (children’s doctor) urgently, but not as an emergency.  This means that children can come to the DAU rather than having to go to the hospital’s Emergency Department.

Sometimes, children come to the DAU after they have been seen in the Emergency Department, often if they require a period of time under observation before they leave the hospital.

Morning appointments are offered for children requiring urgent out-patient assessment, blood tests, investigations or treatments such as blood transfusions.


The workload on the DAU can be unpredictable and therefore children are seen in order of medical priority rather than order of arrival, although we do try to see all of our patients as soon as possible. Occasionally children may need to receive investigations or be referred to other teams such as Orthopaedic or Surgical teams. Please allow plenty of time for your visit.

Children may need to stay on the Day Assessment Unit for a few hours while we monitor their condition.  After this, some children can be discharged home, and some may need to be admitted to Sarum Ward which is located next to the DAU.

Our waiting area on DAU has been designed with children in mind and provides a number of things for them to do until they are seen by our staff.

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