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Children's Outpatients Department  

Telephone 01722 336262

The outpatient department is situated on level 3 (directly below Sarum Ward) and is open during the week between 9am and 5pm, although certain clinics may be held in the early evening.

The outpatient department holds a variety of clinics and some procedures are also held here such as allergy testing. You will be asked to come to a clinic appointment to see your doctor, nurse or physiotherapist here.

Arriving in the Outpatients Department

On arrival please speak to the receptionist so that we know that you have arrived. You will be shown to the waiting area and asked to take a seat until your child's name is called. There are lots of toys and activities to help pass the time while you are waiting.

Sometimes our clinics can be very busy and although we make every effort to keep to appointment times, delays do occur. Please allow plenty of time for your visit and speak to staff if you have any concerns. There are nappy changing and breast feeding areas within the department.

Your child may be called by a nursing assistant to be weighed or have their height or urine checked before they are seen by the doctor. They will also be able to explain what is likely to happen during the clinic appointment.

Unable to Attend?

Please contact the outpatients department if you are unable to attend your appointment or if you are running late. This will help keep clinics running to time.

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