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Patients Rate A&E Staff and Services Among Best  

People needing emergency treatment have rated the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department at Salisbury District Hospital as one of the best in the country, with confidence in staff, privacy and patient’s experience rated highly in an independent Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey.

What our patients said about us…

“I was very impressed with the whole service I received at A & E and would recommend this hospital to local people.”
“I was treated with respect by all staff. They were very thorough and kind to me, especially as I am 91 years old. Things, when I have had reason to go to A & E, have always been perfect.”

Around 850 people who attended A&E were asked their views on facilities, waiting times, the quality of care and the way they were treated. When compared with other Trusts in the survey, Salisbury District Hospital was better in all eight sections of the survey from reception and waiting, right through to the time they leave the department. This included questions about the quality of care given by staff and patients’ overall experience. The Salisbury District Hospital A&E was also better in 32 of the 44 individual questions asked, and about the same in the remaining 12.

“Everything, attitude and professionalism were outstanding. Both Salisbury A & E and the hospital were the best I have ever had to visit.”

It is important that we take time to listen to our patients and that they have confidence in the level of care they receive from our staff. It is also important that when patients are worried and in pain, we provide reassurance and do everything we can to make our patients comfortable. Over 98% of people who were asked, felt that our staff listened to what they had to say, with 96% saying that they had confidence and Trust in the doctors and nurses examining and treating them. Over 92% of patients also felt that we did everything that we could to help control pain.

“Lovely, friendly, helpful people but I was the only one there at the time! Feel really safe with the staff at A & E.”
“I found the whole experience excellent. From the moment I arrived to the time I left. My visit required surgery. This was quick and efficient. The service received, including the aftercare visit, is something to be proud of.”

When our patients come into hospital we feel it is essential that they are fully involved in their care, that we keep them informed of what is happening and that they fully understand what we are doing. A good example of this can be seen in the diagnosis of patients and any tests that we may need to do. When asked whether patients felt involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment, 95% said yes, with almost 99% of people saying yes when asked if a member of staff explained why they needed tests in a way that they could understand.

The quality of our facilities can impact on our patients’ experience and people want to know that our hospital is safe, clean and that we do everything that we can to prevent infections. When asked, around 99% of patents felt that the department was clean.

“I greatly appreciated the friendly atmosphere which pervaded the whole unit and, in particular, the quiet and caring efficiency of all the staff both in the hospital and ambulance. Thank you everyone.”
“The A & E Department was very clean and new. SSEU ward was also very clean. Staff very attentive and helpful.”

It is important that our patients’ have a positive experience. A&E has recently been redesigned and modernised so that it is more comfortable, light and spacious for our patients. We have also expanded clinical areas and separated treatment areas for patients with minor or major injuries.

Peter Hill, Interim Chief Executive said: “It’s important that our patients have confidence in our staff and that they receive good quality care in a safe and clean environment. This is an excellent report and fantastic feedback,which reflects the professionalism of our staff and the quality of care they provide.”

When should I use Accident and Emergency ?

Please remember to use Accident and Emergency services properly. Accident and Emergency Departments should be used for life-threatening and serious emergencies, such as:

  • serious accidents
  • serious burns
  • breathing problems
  • heart-attacks
  • strokes

More information about where to go for appropriate treatment.

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