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Our Endoscopists 

Here is a list of our current Endoscopists that work in our department. Please be aware that this may change at short notice. All staff that work in our department are fully trained, experienced and competent to carry out the procedures.


Dr David Sheppard Dr Andrew Tanner Dr Aqeel Jamil Dr Samier Vyas

Dr David Sheppard  Consultant
Clinical Training Lead


Dr Andrew Tanner  Consultant


Dr Aqeel Jamil  Consultant


Dr Samier Vyas Consultant


Miss Chave Graham Branagan Mr Andy Agombar Mr Simon Sleight Dr Robert Padwick Miss Amanda Bond

Miss Helen Chave  Consultant
Clinical Lead


Mr Graham Branagan  Consultant


Mr Andy Agombar  Consultant


Mr Simon Sleight  Consultant


Mr Rob Padwick  Consultant


Miss Amanda

Nurse Endoscopists

Sr Hilary Dean Sister Victoria Crofts Sr E de Vogel Sister Estrela Pinto

Sr Hilary Dean
Lead Nurse


Sr Victoria


Sr Lizzie
de Vogel


Sr Estrela

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